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What is CBD? Top Things to Know Before Purchasing CBD Products

By Dan Putnam March 19, 2018 0 comments

Some 16 U.S states have adopted cannabidiol (CBD)-specific legislation that permits medical marijuana programs, largely for the treatment of severe epilepsy, along with other specific conditions. Additionally, state legislatures have promoted industrial hemp in roughly 20 states, which increases the opportunity to expand the hemp industry, and conduct hemp research. Since CBD from hemp and not marijuana is legal in the US, it is an encouraging sign to see the direction that the industrial hemp is headed and what it could mean for CBD. There is still some confusion when it comes to defining CBD, it uses, safety, and its legal status. Before purchasing CBD oil, it is important that consumers are informed about the different issues that can help them to make the best choice when purchasing a CBD product.

What is cannabidiol (CBD)?

Cannabidiol is one some 400 chemical compounds found in the cannabis plants industrial hemp and marijuana. Unlike the well-known compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD is non-psychotropic and does not cause a euphoric "high” or stoned feeling. CBD is not attractive to recreational users because of the lack of psychoactive effect on the user. As a result of this, CBD is safer and a more accepting alternative to THC. Legal CBD is derived from industrial hemp, and CBD hemp product is usually high in CBD and low in THC, which is generally different from medical marijuana products that tend to contain a high concentration of THC.

The wave of legislative changes across the U.S has expanded the discussion on medical cannabis and the impact that the compound CBD may have as a therapeutic treatment for several conditions, including cancer, Parkinson's disease, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, asthma, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, insomnia, and Alzheimer’s, among other conditions. The benefits of CBD are real as is evident from anecdotal cases and the results of various studies. While more research is needed, the strong medicinal and therapeutic effects of CBD in treating some of the most common conditions cannot be ignored.

Is it Legal to Buy, Possess, and Use CBD Products?

The DEA maintains that all cannabis extracts, including CBD oil are federally illegal Schedule I substances. According to DEA spokesman Russ Baer, “CBD oil and other extracts derived from cannabis (which includes hemp) have been and will continue to be Schedule I controlled substances, unless and until they are determined to have a current accepted medical use.” However, CBD products derived from industrial hemp plant that has a THC content of 0.3 percent or less are technically legal. This legal grey area stems from the 2014 Farm Bill passed by Congress. Dozens of states have safeguards in place to protect patients from prosecution of CBD possession. It is best to know the laws in your state regarding CBD to stay out of trouble and not break the law.

How Safe is CBD?

CBD makes for a safe alternative to pharmaceutical drugs that is often prescribed to treat numerous conditions. Pharmaceutical drugs tend to have harsh side effects some of which includes nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, skin rashes, and impaired vision. Overdose is another issue that is often associated with patients that use pharmaceutical drugs, and death can result in extreme cases of abuse. With CBD hemp oil, patients do not have to worry about the danger of overdose. CBD is a far safer alternative than pharmaceutical drugs in that regard.

Go for Quality not Low Price

It is important to consider quality when deciding on the right CBD product for your needs. Quality can often beat price! A higher concentration of CBD present in CBD oil, for example, makes for a more potent and effective treatment. Be on the lookout for products offer no clear evidence to support the claim that their products made from wholesome extract. A synthetic CBD product may fail to deliver the therapeutic health benefits that you seek. Choose a CBD product that delivers on purity and has a high CBD content.

CBD is not a “cure all” but its benefits are numerous and still being uncovered. Lacking in psychoactivity, hemp CBD oil is reported as a safe alternative to pharmaceutical drugs because it does not produce terrible side effects, or puts patients at risk for overdose. It is always important to consider quality with regards to purchasing CBD in order to achieve the best possible outcome. To be on the right side of the law, be aware of the legislation that governs your state regarding CBD. There can be much confusion when it comes to understanding different aspects of CBD, and the onus is on the consumer to be informed before making a purchase.

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