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Can Cannabidiol (CBD) Help Manage Bipolar Anxiety?

By Dan Putnam January 01, 2017 0 comments

Mental illness is receiving growing recognition in general in modern society, and so are the medical benefits of cannabis. It just happens that as we recognize the need for proper medical plans to deal with mental illnesses, cannabis is able to provide a solution and effectively treat certain mental conditions. One of these conditions is bipolar anxiety. Mental health is a very complex area, as some people are unaware of their suffering for much longer than people with physical illnesses. This can mean they are very serious before people even seek help, which means treatment needs to be fast-acting and able to combat even the most severe cases. This can complicate matters even further, as mental health is notoriously had to treat without strong prescription pills that reduce people to a zombie-like state and seriously restrict quality and enjoyment of life. 

What is Bipolar Anxiety?

Bipolar Disorder is a mood disorder that result in drastic mood swings that can alter how you feel rapidly and without stimulus. The two moods associated with bipolar disorder are depression and mania, where people go through periods of feeling extremely low and down, and then switching to high and manic behavior. These moods can each last for weeks at a time, before switching to the opposite extreme, which can result in some people failing to ever feel ‘normal’. Many people are diagnosed with depression prior to bipolar disorder, as they may recognize those symptoms first. The depression could last for months or even years prior to a manic episode and a lot of people are unaware that they have bipolar prior to their first experience of mania. This period of depression is extremely serious, as many people are overwhelmed with feelings of worthlessness, and may even feel suicidal. The manic phase results in hyperactivity, and can be linked with a lack of eating  sleeping, and even spending money on extravagant purchases that you know you can’t afford. Both of these aspects of bipolar make life very difficult on a daily basis, so when anxiety is added into the mix, proper functioning is almost impossible. Many people with bipolar disorder will also experience at least one other anxiety disorder at some point in their life. The signs of coinciding bipolar and anxiety disorder include panic attacks, nervousness, fear, and even constant worry, as well as avoiding certain activities and being extremely sensitive to the side effects of medication.  Sometimes more pronounced bipolar symptoms are actually masking underlying bipolar anxiety.

How Can CBD Help Treat Bipolar Anxiety?

Cannabidiol is a component of cannabis that is currently being explored by scientists seeking alternative medical treatments. One area in which it has shown promise is mental health. This may sound bizarre to some people who associate cannabis use with paranoia, over excitement, or other mental health issues, however an understanding of cannabis can clear up this confusion. Cannabis is made from a multitude of components, however two of the main and most potent are Cannabidiol, or CBD, and THC. THC is the main product in a lot of recreational cannabis now, as it is the part that gets you high, and the psychoactive factor that actually messes with your brain and behavior. THC is not present in hemp oil, which is perfectly legal, as it is acknowledged that THC is the potentially harmful element. CBD, however, counteracts the effects of THC, so is proven to be a calming, anti-anxiety agent, that has no direct effect on behavior at all, but instead simply helps your body increase the production of happy hormones, that keep you mentally healthy. CBD will in no way exacerbate any existing mental health problems, and over the course of all studies and experiments, no side effects have been noted – not even an increased appetite, as the munchies are also a result of THC. This could vastly improve the mental health of someone suffering from bipolar anxiety, and even if it takes a while to establish the correct dosage, there are no side effects to contend with.

As the majority of drugs used to treat bipolar disorder are anti-psychotics, they come with an abundance of side effects, such as drowsiness, muscle spasms, and weight gain.

There are no downsides to giving CBD a try in combating bipolar anxiety. While cannabis may seem like an unusual medicine for a mental disorder, understanding the difference between THC and CBD, and properly using Cannabidiol to treat mental illnesses can be a risk-free treatment with none of the usual negative side effects

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